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Spinal decompression therapy Philadelphia is a procedure that uses spinal decompression tables to alleviate pain, also called non-spinal decompression.

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Spinal Decompression

Decompression therapy is an approach that produces a negative intradiscal weight (pressure inside the disk itself), which is thought to have two possible advantages; first is it draws the material of the herniated or swollen disc back into the disc. Second, it enhances the transition into the disk of healing nutrients and promotes a better healing environment. Osteopaths, chiropractors, and other suitably trained health experts provided the same fundamental spinal traction for spinal decompression.

Clinical Evidence

In over 75 percent of the patients treated, clinical outcomes of spinal decompression therapy have been successful, and most patients find long-term relief or effective control of their pain when they complete the full treatment regimen using spinal decompression. This therapy is not to treat your spinal concerns; you can get a complete care plan that goes beyond just spinal compression therapy to get the best possible outcomes.

Spinal Decompression Session

Decompression of the spine to facilitate blood flow and nutrient exchange to the damaged region is created by the gentle forces of spinal decompression treatment.

You will undergo many periods of stretching and relaxation when you have spinal decompression therapy, graduating to a plateau over a span of 15-18 minutes.

Depending on what is the result we are aiming for, the patient will need to undergo spinal decompression thrice a week for a month, moving from passive to active treatments as you react. Most patients get relieved from pain after six to ten treatments. Most patients get released after eight weeks of spinal decompression treatment.

Decompression therapy Philadelphia incorporates spinal decompression with an exercise regimen that addresses the tendons, ligaments, and muscles' functionality. This treatment usually lasts for thirty to forty-five minutes per session, and the cost of each session usually varies from $30 to $200, which suggests that it would typically cost from $450 to $6,000 for a prescribed series of treatments. Additional therapeutic approaches such as cold and/or heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound may be performed after or while going through the procedure.

Non-invasive surgery

This medication is a motorized traction treatment that softly extends the spine is non-surgical. It can offer instant relief for sciatica pain, neck, and lower back pain. This is a state of the art method that treats the herniated, lumbar, and neck regions diseases. This non-invasive treatment does not require any medicine. It also gets fast results; after the patient's first session, they expressed that they felt relieved.

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