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Looking for an alternative form of medicine for relief of chronic pain or low back pain? Not afraid of needles. Visit Acupuncture Philadelphia now.

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Chiropractor Philadelphia

Acupuncture Philadelphia is a form of alternative treatment from Chinese medicine. Certain body parts will be inserted with fine needles for therapeutic and/or alternative purposes. To prevent contamination, needles are usually disposed of after each use. However, sterilized needles can be reused between applications. In the western area, sterile and single-use acupuncture needles are only allowed, including California, United States of America. Needles size vary from 13 to 130 millimeters, shorter ones are used near the face and eyes, and longer ones used in body parts with thicker tissues. Blunt needles can cause more pain, so the tip of the needle should not be made too sharp to prevent breakage.

How it works

The needles are inserted into the sterilized skin, often with a plastic tube. You can manipulate the needles in different ways, such as spinning, moving up and down, or flicking down relative to the skin. Pain is common in the procedure. Acupuncture reviving sensory nerves under the skin and muscles. The body will then produce natural substances such as pain-relieving endorphins. Meridians are channels in the body that traditional acupuncture believed that an energy or life force travels through. This life force is called Qi, pronounced as chee.

Uses of acupuncture

Acupuncturists use the procedure to treat a wide variety of health conditions. At present, experts only recommend using the procedure as a treatment alternative for chronic tension headaches and migraines. Other musculoskeletal and pain conditions can be treated by acupuncture, such as chronic neck, joint, dental, and postoperative pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) wrote down a number of conditions in which acupuncture has proven effective; these include dysentery, sciatica, allergic rhinitis, peptic ulcer, morning sickness, rheumatoid arthritis, and tennis elbow. The World Health Organization (WHO) identified that acupuncture treatment can only be recommended by health authorities.

How painful are those pins?

A lot of us have a fear of needles. The needles used on your yearly flu vaccination are far different from the ones in acupuncture. The pins being used by Acupuncture Philadelphia are relatively fine. For this reason, most people report little to no pain at all from the procedure.

Study shows, it seems acupuncture devotees could seriously be onto something. Some people promised acupuncture, citing it as a “miracle” to upgrade their quality of life because it’s said to be able to serve everything from depression and allergies to morning sickness and cramps.

Safe for Children?

The practice is generally safe for kids considering that acupuncturists are licensed and follow safety measures and standards. They are usually used to control post-surgical nausea and vomiting, including painful symptoms. It is also used for the treatment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), although it is not supported by medical or scientific evidence.

Risk involved

Acupuncture is considered quite safe. However, there are some significant risks that may arise. For example, needles must be sterilized; otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of infection. There is also a possibility that needles are inserted too deep into your skin, but this is very uncommon. Get hold of your time to do your research and make sure you choose the best and trusted practitioner.

We recommend Acupuncture Philadelphia and TCM Philadelphia, it is one of the oldest systems of medicine and focuses on your entire well-being. TCM results may vary as it is an approach that covers a lot of ground. Western medicine practices have not been studied in the same way as Traditional Chinese medicine. Herbs and acupuncture had more research and study than any other treatment.

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